Despite the fact this term (resilience) is usually used in areas such as information technology, business continuity, risk management, humanitarian assistance or reconstruction, its basis is actually set in the individual, people and community.

The idea of building the skills, capacities and understanding to develop ourselves, our family members, students or persons around us is even more relevant when we know for sure life is never on a steady status and we all need to be ready to act upon changes.

Quoting Resilience Research Center:
“In the presence of significant Adversity, RESILIENCE is understood to be both, the capacity of individuals to Navigate their way to the psychological, social, cultural and physical resources that sustain their well being, and their capacity to individually and collectively Negotiate for these resources to be provided and experienced in culturally Meaningful ways.”

With this in mind… What are you going to do to be better prepared when a life changer knock at your door? Will you be ready to embrace a new opportunity? Do you know what are your potentials? Have you identified key resources and have developed them? Are you mentoring your successors?

This is our LIFE time and we need to live it up to the maximum.