Using the Mouse

  1. Click the cell whose formula you want to repeat
  2. A dark square “handle” will appear in the lower right corner
  3. Click and drag that handle, dragging down the column (or right across the row)
  4. Dragging the box
  5. Stop at the last cell you wish to fill

Using the Keyboard

  1. Move the cursor to the cell whose formula you want to repeat
  2. Hold shift
  3. While holding, press down repeatedly to select the rest of the range of cells you want to fill
  4. When you reach the bottom, release shift then press CTRL + D (Use CTRL + R if you’re filling to the right)

Here is a another way

  1. Type in the formula in C1 (for instance) having it correspond to A1 and B1 and hit enter. So the correct formula is just in C1
    Now click the C1 box, a bounding box will appear, the bottom right corner of this bounding box has a dark square
  2. Double click this square and the formula will ‘fill down’
  3. You will notice C2 corresponds to A2 and B2 and so on.


There are at least three methods of accomplishing this.

  1. Method 1 – Fill Down
    Select a range of destination cells in column J with the J24 (containing the formula) at the top. Tap Ctrl+D to Fill Down.
  2. Method 2 – Copy Down
    Select J24 (with the formula) and Copy it. With it still copied, select the range of destination cells and Paste into those cells.
  3. Method 3 – Drag Down
    With J24 (with the formula) selected, use the mouse to grab the drag hook in the lower right-hand corner. Drag it down to cover the range of destination cells.

Anchor character (e.g. $)

This is used so that the rows or columns do not move as they are filled/copied/dragged to a new location.

For example if the formula was


… then the D24 would change to D25, D26, etc but the G24 would stay as G24.

The row number is anchored as an absolute reference and stays the same while the cell address without the $ is relative and changes according to new position.