Never late for the project of your life

When do you think it’s the right moment to boost your life?

Well for me… my time is right now!!!

And for you… do it whenever you feel you are ready to jump ahead and take action materialising that idea that is been around bumping in your head. It doesn’t matter if it’s just an idea for now, you can slowly start giving it a little bit more thought and writing down all details that are crossing in your mind (incubating the project).

I believe the forces behind such entrepreneurship are motivation, determination, managed risks (usually associated with innovation), resilience, expertise and strategy.

Look inside yourself, listen to your inner voice that tells you what’s your real dream, what would make you feel complete, where you sense you are satisfied and appreciated…
To achieve that goal (your dream), should be your driver then.
Think of it every time, don’t make it an obsession, but do let your imagination run free about it, dream it, feel it; making sure you take notes of important things you notice they will make a difference.
Tip: Details are everything!

This is no other than taking the decision, plan ahead (sketching at least) to move forward acknowledging it’ll be difficult, it’ll take time and resources, but it’s yours all the way (start of the project with the project charter).
Tip: Share your dreams, nothing is more rewarding than the support from family, relatives and close friends – all of them important resource persons during the development of your project -.

Managed risks
I pointed that risk is usually associated with innovation, but not necessarily, it could be drawn from lack of experience in certain fields, budget constraints or other personal elements relevant to your specific case.
In the end, as long as you have identified all those sources of risks and you have planned how to manage them (avoid, mitigate, transfer and control), then you are better prepared to deal with them should the situation arises.

As I mentioned in a previous article, you need to shine (or develop if you still don’t have) the ability that allow you to bounce back up, to an even better state than before, whenever you are hit by a situation in life that knock you down.
Businesses are no different, and when your are just taking off with a start-up, is when you most probably will find many of those situations. Learning to identify them or better yet, to anticipate those events will greatly reduce the possibility of sinking the boat. Should a problem bent you down, will be only for you to learn from it, then gain momentum to boost your next jump.

By now you should already have figured out what you are good at, so take advantage of it, exploit all that talent you have and make your dream come true. If you are not at the game level, then get the knowledge (try self learning tools, on-line courses, even regular specialisation courses or post-grades), engage into some formal or free-lance jobs that make you acquire the experience you need and then get back to this point, when you are confident you can face the challenges posed along the way. Remember that everything counts, your professional development but also your soft skills, and the personal touch that will make your idea bright up and be unique.
Tip: Share your knowledge, be a good leader, motivate your team as they will be your supporters as well.

You have been capturing a wealth of notes about your idea, then you continue structuring all of them but now with more details and into a predefined template that you can find around in the Internet (project management plan). But go further and envision your business in five or ten years from now, what do you want it to be? Really… then write down how do you want to achieve it… that will be the start of your strategy, but also the start of a new target you set your efforts to. Get more details about strategy in this other article.
Tip: When the time comes, make sure you have a successor plan already started…

Feeling motivated already… then don’t stop this impulse, get ready and ride the wave, I can assure you the satisfaction you’ll get out from your own performance is incomparable, it’s priceless and enriching.

So why wait any longer, embrace your future with your own project of life!