Renato interactive support in Haiti
Renato interactive support in Haiti

Today I was asked, how you relate to “a particular” organization’s values? And after a while of thinking and linking ideas, I started to realize there is so much in common that it actually seems like my own perspective of LIFE, and here’s my statement:

I find myself completely aligned with the Organization Core Values as I’m a person with a broader strategic vision, who’s constantly developing innovative proposals for improvement, I’m results based driven, and clearly oriented to fulfill God’s will, implementing the best possible ways to achieve the realization of children rights (each one of us, contributing from our positions and advocating to the maximum extend).

I believe children are the present and in their hands is the future of humanity. Thanks to the integral formation, all the way back to my childhood, I see a series of events that shaped who I’m now: strong believe in Christ, active young participation in civil society organizations (Scouts, Red Cross volunteer, fire-fighter volunteer, environment conservation activist), all leading experiences to a transformative and sustainable life.

Through the use of new technologies, deployed on a systematic innovative way that are both: engaging and educative; positive behavioral changes can be achieved to the benefit of children and young persons, providing first: a broader series of participation channels to the most excluded; second: relevant content specifically developed for the different segmented and targeted users; third: development opportunities initially introduced with hope, expectation and choices that can eventually be transformed into reality by committing to self-determination and achievement of goals.

Partnerships are key to be able to build programmes that have a high positive impact on children while be sustainable. A partner may have the idea and expertise, the other may provide financial resources or political influence, yet another add extensive local presence, and so on. It’s imperative that private sector is engaged and play an active role during the whole process, building their social balance in an integral way including their own enterprise culture, and based on corporate social responsibility’ best practices.