Generation Control by Renato CotoAs time passes by we realize there is an increasing need to provide the means for youth to advance humanity.
These should be reliable, useful, cost effective and very important: engaging.

The tools we draft as innovation are usually the result of brain storming, individually or among a team of talented colleges, and here’s where we have the opportunity to transform an idea into reality, and that’s by adding what I called the GC – generation control.

This GC is no other than the adaptation of concepts such as extended teams,  use of resource persons, expert persons, reference instances, during conceptualization of the innovative solution; focus groups, validation sessions, during testing or pilot periods; consultations or development observatories for monitoring and evaluation processes. It means including young persons all the way through the innovation projects, making them both part of the team and a key stakeholder, who can influence the outputs and the expected overall outcome as a tangible impact in society.

We give them the space, the voice and the participation they seek and they will positively respond with their input, their point of view and ways to channel buyout for the projects within their generation.

Yes, we can then scale up these initiatives as youth is tightly integrated among themselves, we can actually go global with their support and their Generation Control.