Renato Coto

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by my personal website.
I’ve collected selected articles and content I had previously published on the Internet and other means; combining them along with current and future one all here in my on-line site.

This is a space I’m opening to share with you a part of me, where you may expect to find anything from expressions, thoughts, comments, experiences, to technical instructions, processes, articles and research results (just about anything I feel suitable and somehow useful to everyone).

I’m an enthusiastic and joyful person, motivated with LIFE which I really try my best to live the most out of it… because it’s only a little time we’ve got to make a difference and I believe we should not waste it with no-sense actions.

I’m inspired by my family to give back and make good, encouraging all to pass on this meaningful way of living.

Even though Information and Communication Technologies is my field of work on a daily basis, there is a diversity of subjects where I perform: parenthood, cooking, coaching, home improvement, gardening and many others that complete the set of skills that make my LIFE unique.

My wife and children are the reason why I consider it’s worth living for… many thanks to them.

See you on-line… get your constructive comments posted on the content of my website.


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